Non-Profit and Self-Funded

The PAHPT is a non-profit, member owned healthcare plan. A group of physicians started the plan to help their practices and affiliated associations battle the high cost of health benefits.

The PAHPT is a self-funded trust that utilizes the buying power of its multiple associations, as a combined group, to deliver comprehensive healthcare benefits at extremely competitive rates.

Making Healthcare Affordable

With the PAHPT, your business can enjoy savings with self-funded health benefits through our association-based plan. If you have 1 or more employees, PAHPT can offer your small businesses its own major medical health plan with the same cost efficiencies as large corporations.

The PAHPT offers multiple Medical, Prescription and Dental plans to fit your group’s needs.

Enrolling in a Health Plan

Your business must be or become a member of an affiliated association. If your business is not a member, it may qualify to join one of our associations. See Affiliated Associations

Business Associations
If you are a business association that would like to become a PAHPT affiliate, call us at (855) 337-2478 or email us.

“The PAHPT helped my client save over $35,000 on their renewal premium. Their children, spouse and family rates were significantly less also. It was very touching when a long term clinical staff member got teary eyed because she could finally afford health insurance for her children. I would highly recommend getting a quote immediately from PAHPT to see what savings there might be for your group.”

Nancy B., Medical Practice Management Consultant, Babbitt & Associates

“Big savings for our employees and benefits too! Everyone is pleased that we are able to offer a plan that works for them instead of against them! The representatives from PAHPT worked effortlessly to get everyone enrolled in such a short notice. All of our questions were answered timely and efficiently and to our satisfaction. Thank you PAHPT for making a usually difficult process so easy!”

Cathy W., Practice Administrator, East Cobb Pediatrics

“I was impressed with the way the PAHPT was able to effectively and quickly implement a solution to match our Network’s needs in the volatile healthcare insurance market place.”

Martin K., Manager, TCHN Operations, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

“Our work with the Physicians’ Alliance Health Plan Trust was aimed at reducing our group health premiums and having the ability to offer something affordable to our staff with diverse benefits. They helped us avoid 15% increase in premiums and offered long- term rate stability. I also appreciate how easy and predictable they made the process.”

Alisa V., CMPE, Practice Manager, Dawson Pediatrics

“We are pleased to be working with the PAHPT. Their program saved us a significant amount of money for both our practice and our employees.”

Angela G., Practice Administrator, Dunwoody Pediatrics